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Discover the Bernard Magrez boxes available at Château Pape Clément wineshop

Château Pape Clément invites you to discover a selection of 4 boxes that you can order on our website.

Order online and come to pick up your boxes at the wineshop.

Our sommelier is also on hand to provide advice and recommend the ideal product from a selection of 1000 wines and spirits references.

You can contact us :

- by phone +33 5 57 26 43 04

- by email at boutique.pessac@bernard-magrez.com


Bernard Magrez's Bordeaux

Bordeaux 58, or the number of years that Mr. Bernard MAGREZ has devoted to the development and research of quality wines


This box contains:

- Bordeaux 28 - red wine - 2018

Roundness, great freshness and finesse. Aromas of strawberries and raspberries.

- Blaye 58 - red wine - 2018

Powerful and tannic. Aromas of red fruits.

Cabernet sauvignon brings finesse and texture to the wine.

- Bordeaux - white wine - 2019

Typical Bordeaux wine. 100% Sauvignon Blanc. Citrus aromas.

Its minerality and freshness accompany all types of seafood.


Price: € 29.90 



Getaway Iberian 

Warm and generous wines, with aromas of black fruits.

More intense for Herencia and Paciencia, Light and fruity for Prudencia.

Interesting Food & Wine pairing: Iberian ham with Madrid cocido

This box contains :

- Prudencia - red wine - 2017

Greedy and tense palate. Red fruits, gourmet and melted woody notes.

- Paciencia - red wine - 2015

Very aromatic, we find woody aromas, spices, leather, raspberry, slightly minty.

- Herencia - red wine - 2016

Aromas of cocoa and liquorice. There are also notes of hazelnuts and toasted walnuts.


Price: € 29.00 


An invitation to travel

This box contains:

- La Bienvenida - red wine - 2018

Nice presence of tannins. 100% Malbec.

Aromas of ripe fruit, spices and liquorice.

Interesting Food & Wine pairings: duck, quail or game birds.

- Château Cabannieux - red wine - 2018

Supple and elegant. Aromas of strawberry and vanilla.

Food & Wine pairing: a coq aux vins or a lamb shank

- Mon Seul Rêve - red wine - 2017

Syrah grape variety well recognizable by its attractions. Aromas of spices and fruits.

Food and Wine Pairing: Wild boar stew


Price: € 36.00 



Between Left Bank and Right Bank

If your heart balances between Right Bank and Left Bank, the choice is made on diversity.


This box contains :

- Château Cabannieux - red wine - 2018

Supple and elegant. Aromas of strawberry and vanilla.

Food & Wine pairing: a coq aux vins or a lamb shank

- Château Le Sartre - white wine - 2016

Aromas of passion fruit and fine paste. Opulent and generous.

Food & Wine pairing: Monkfish risotto

- Le Saint-Emilion by Bernard Magrez - red wine - 2015

An intense ruby ​​color, the bouquet opens with dense aromas of red fruits. A wine with an elegant structure and a good length.

Food & Wine Pairing: Bordeaux Entrecote

Price: € 42.00


Gourmet Basket

A perfect basket for an aperitif-dinner! The suppleness and fruitiness of these wines will allow them to pair with any type of terrine or pâté, and why not on hot goat cheese toast covered with merlot jelly. Good tasting !


This basket contains :

- I wish you would like it - red wine - 2014

- Passion of a lifetime - red wine - 2016

- Farm pork pâté - Label Rouge

- Spicy pie with green pepper

- Merlot jelly from Château Pape Clément

Price: € 45.00 


Discovering the South

This set consists of:

- Si Mon Père Savait - white wine - 2018

Perfect reflection of the Languedoc terroir. Generous and lively.

Composed of native grape varieties: Macabeu, Clairette blanche, Bourboulenc.

Aromas of acacia flower, apricot and white fruit.

Food & Wine Pairing: Carpaccio de Saint Jacques.

- Domaine de La Franchise - red wine - 2018

Powerful and spicy. Aromas of peppermint, violet and vanilla. A mouth Beautiful length and power on the palate.

Food and Wine Pairing: Roast beef with herbs.

- My only Dream - red wine - 2017

Aromas of black cherries and spices. Soft tannins.

Food & Wine pairing: braised lamb.

Price: € 41.90 


Wine Box

The Destiny of Clement V

This box contains :

- Destiny of Clément V - red wine - 2016

Fruity and finely woody. Beautiful roundness and generosity. Aromas of cherry and plum.

- La Compassion Destinée de Clément V - red wine - 2017

Rich and powerful. Spicy and fruity.

Food & Wine Pairing: Pork rib from Périgord and its full-bodied juice.

- Destiny of Clément V - white wine - 2018

Aromas of apricot, frangipane and slightly anise.

Food & Wine Pairing: Pork with Emmental cheese from Savoie.

Price: € 91.50 



The ideal Basket to offer to wine lovers!

This basket contains :

- Prelat de Pape Clément - red wine - 2018

Perfectly expresses the Graves terroir, the oldest Bordeaux vineyard.

Aromas of strawberry and vanilla. Fresh and supple on the palate with a slightly tannic finish.

Food & Wine Pairing: Roast beef stuffed with porcini mushrooms.

- 2 wine glasses engraved with Château Pape Clément

- 1 Sommelier Knife Château Pape Clément

- 1 Drop-stop Château Pape Clément

- 1 Magnet Château Pape Clément

1 Tote Bag Clos Haut-Peyraguey

Price: € 55.70